Thursday, February 9, 2012

Siargao Island - The Philippines Surfing Capital

Lagoons, Beaches and Waves

Two hours travel from Surigao City via fast craft we reached port of Dapa, a town in Siargao Island. Our group did not have an idea what kind of accommodation the island has, is it affordable or not for a 5000 pesos each in our pockets? We never booked for a package or a tourist guide for this trip expecting that we can save money without them. Thanks to the tourist information staff at the Dapa port, she assisted us where we could stay at the cheapest rate and the beautiful spots we should not miss.

At last!
Me, planking.
26 kilometer joyride from General Luna to Pilar. Look what we have found!

 The Mapupungko beach resort and lagoons.

Day 1: Touchdown!
This is one of the main attractions in the island that you should go. Rent a habal-habal for convenience. Put your goggles on and swim through the pristine waters during low tide which usually starts at 2pm onwards.

Day 2: It's time for island hopping..
Naked Beach

At General Luna shore line.
Daku Island

A man offered me to buy a lot here costing 700 pesos per sq. meter. I told him: "I'll be back".
What you see, is what you get!
Simply perfect.

A jumpshot for a souvenir.

Tourists usually stay at General Luna with less than a thousand per night room rent.
Food: Cheapest are Grilled chicken, Intestine (Isaw), Liver (Atay, Balun-balunan), Grilled squid, Pork barbeque. There are also available foreign cuisines.
You can rent a motorcycle (habal-habal) for Php400 to Php500 a day to stroll the island.
Rent-a-boat: Php5000, for island hopping activity (Sohoton Cave, Guyam Island, Naked Beach, Daku Island)
Surfing: Php500 per hour with instructor
Other activities: Snorkelling, Fishing, Diving, Wake Boarding

Sadly I have not tried surfing. I found it expensive. Nevermind. I enjoyed watching the surfers and when I get back here, this is the first thing that I will do. Will someone teach me how to... surfie!

We cannot go nearer. Look at the waves.
The cam does not have a telescopic lense either.
Yes, I'll be back.


  1. It seems like you enjoyed the place.. I love to visit this place.. Thanks for the share.