Friday, June 8, 2012

Mt. Mayon - The Perfect Volcano

The moment that I am writing this, I am just maybe hundred meters away the foot of this great volcano. I am not really sure because from the terrace of our hotel it seems so near. It is like a wallpaper in the background. Breathtaking view? Yes, it is. Like a pain/stress-reliever. I cannot take my eyes off her. She is sometimes shy, revealing, and calm. From Iriga, Camarines Sur, she can be seen even she is 30 km away air-distance. I am using my google earth right now! A 12 long hour drive from Manila to Legazpi is all worth it.  

She is calm, greeting us good morning.

She is shy this time.

She is mysterious at sunset. Silhouette shot!

I have seen her beauty 360 degrees. I have seen the curves and her dents. Maybe she got that the time she was angry. Nevertheless, she is still extraordinary. She hypnotizes everyone looking at her. She is hot. She is sexy. She is picturesque. She is perfect but she is very dangerous. Give me more adjectives to describe her.

The historic Cagsawa bell tower ruins.
Eventhough we failed to see the Butanding of Donsol and the beaches of Caramoan that time, going back to hotel always amuses me. The Mayon always welcomes us with a smile on the way to the city.

Her presence around Albay.
We are so lucky to have her here in our country. Mt. Fuji of Japan almost imitated her but no, she cannot. Indeed one of the greatest creation of nature is the Magayon. A must see in a Philippine tour. I hope to see a daraga like her.

You are really hot!