Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coron, Palawan: The Paradise and the Sunken Ships

Palawan is known for its well preserved natural resources. It is the part of the Philippine archipelago where I can say most of disciplined Filipinos reside. No surprise when I finally set foot to this enchanting island; Coron - came from Palawenyo word for "palayok" or pot. A municipality in Busuanga Island, Northern Palawan.

Forty-five minutes from Manila, you can get in Busuanga Airport via propeller type plane (AirPhilExpress, CebuPacific and ZestAir). Then, van ride for less than 30 minutes going to Coron town. Enjoy the Safari like view from your seat.

The world famous view of Coron.

Kayangan Lake, turquoise blue.

Fine and white Malcapuya beach.

We stayed at Princess of Coron, an Austrian inspired hotel with a pool and nicely designed bathroom. I do not know exactly he rate of the hotel, we came here with a package for 6200 per person; inclusive of 4 days 3 nights stay, lunch and merienda per day, tour and island hopping activities.

Princess of Coron, an Austrian inspired hotel.

This place is a home for 9 Japanese warships sunked during World War 2. Thanks to the ghost ships. It made the island more interseting to thrill seekers and divers. Unfortunately for the team, we are not divers so we just enjoy the finest beaches, awesome limestone formation, and getting tanned!

Fish feeding at Siete Pecados.

Giant clams at Malcapuya Island.

There you are Nemo!

Here are the places to visit in Coron:

1. Siete Pecados
2. Banul Beach
3. Banana Island
4. Malcapuya Island
5. Barracuda Lake
6. Kayangan Lake
7. Sunken Ships (scattered around the island)
8. Twin Lagoon
9. Mt. Tapiyas
10. The famous cashew nuts or kasuy factory in Coron town proper (the best in PH)
11. Maquinit Hot Springs

Coron is a crime-free area in the Philippines, so do not worry about losing your personal belongings here. People are so friendly, hospitable, and honest. Living here is truly like a paradise!

After all, chill!

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