Monday, December 26, 2011

Cagayan De Oro White Water Rafting

Paddle through the meek but unpredictable flow of the CDO river at the white water rafting adventure. Experience the thrill, rush and appreciate nature at its finest.

Our group decided to take the advance course which took 4 hours of adrenaline rush in a 16 km stretch of the river consisting of 21 wild rapids.

On the way to the rafting site.
High Five!  Yahoo! we successfully passed an obstacle (rapids).
Stop! Paddles up, just go with the flow.
Paddle Backward! Go against the current.
Paddle forward! Row the boat gently down the stream.

Ready to paddle!

Some of the rapids I remember are the Rodeo, Elephant Back, Twister, Ka Bernie, Washing Machine, Five inch drop, Lava rock and Kiss-the-Wall.You can request your guide to capsize the boat or to swim and float as if you are the raft in one of the slightest rapids.

No racing involved here. Enjoy nature tripping at the raft. Laugh at the jokes by your guide rafter. Swim by the cold but refreshing water. Savor your moments at the CDO river.

This is definitely a playground for water sports enthusiasts.

Rates from 1st Rafting Adventure:
This includes life jacket, paddle, and helmet. Jeepney service will pick you up from hotel to the site. Travel time from 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.
Beginner’s Course (2-3hours actual river run, 12kms ride, 14 rapids): Php 700/head. Good for family with small kids. Only ages 5 and up are allowed to the course.
Advance Course 1 (3-4hours actual river run, 16kms ride, 21 rapids): Php 1000/head. Lunch included and a can of SanMig Light.
Advance Course 2 (4-5hours actual river run, 18kms ride, 27 rapids): Php 1500/head
Professional Course (5hours actual river run): Php 2000/head
Night Rafting (3hours actual river run, 13 rapids): Php 1000/head

Pictures: Php 250 per group
Video: Php 1500 per group

I recommend Advance Course 1. All of us in the group are first timers in rafting but we really enjoyed it and we survived. Thanks also to our guides (unfortunately, I cannot recall their names ^^) who made us laugh and safe during the trip.


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