Saturday, December 24, 2011


This is not my first blog. I created another account to pursue writing, hopefully. The first one is a full Filipino blog which will make the reader "mindfucked". Yeah. Literally. I wanted to start this year with a new subject. As a telecommunication guy, I have the chance to travel places. Side-trips and food-trips, of course that is just so ordinary. Put a spice, chill, you have worked so hard anyway. You are there to enjoy and to explore. Afterwards, submit your reports. Part from office reports, I also want to share what do these places has. In this blog, I do not have the boss to submit it on-time, I have no deadline, no more jargon, and I will earn money. Oh well, running errands with only a chair, a computer set, and an internet, why not try?
A travel blog. Yes. This is what I love, traveling. No not the violation in basketball, but the scenes, adventures, and people. If only there is a job where you will be paid for a trip.
I have a compass and a GPS in my backpack. A camera? I do not have one for now but my friends has it. Thanks to facebook, I will just get pictures from there. Just kidding! I should have one this year. I will be a "plane-freak" this year. Oops, I have invented a word.

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  1. visited here...looking forward to read your next post!follow me too my friend! :)